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One of the most familiar bentonite products to consumers is scoopable or "clumping" pet litter.  As a leader in the world bentonite industry, Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC (BPM) offers several scoopable litters that offer convenience and clumping character to pet owners.  

Bentonite pet litter represents approximately 50% of the total litter used in North America despite its relatively recent introduction to pet owners. Scoopable pet litter can be found in grocery stores, retail stores, wholesale outlets, and specialty pet shops.  Each of our NATIONAL® Bentonite products are scientifically optimized to achieve the best clump character, lowest dust and natural coloration. 

What is scoopable pet litter?
These types of pet litters are most commonly granulated sodium bentonite products that form an agglomerate when wetted. A typical agglomeration or "clump" forms a discrete concretion that hardens with time, usually after 1 hour.

NATIONAL® Granular Bentonite is used in clumping cat litter.   The clumps stay intact and can be easily removed, leaving the remaining product intact for further use.


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