BaraCRI℠ Cuttings Reinjection Service

Comprehensive service for zero discharge environments
Locations with increasingly strict environmental regulations require unique and integrated waste management solutions. Zero discharge projects can incur significant expenses in waste transportation and final treatment and disposal of cuttings. Our BaraCRI℠ Cuttings Reinjection Service is customized for every project to allow safe, efficient cuttings disposal in annular injection or disposal wells.

Reduce or eliminate waste treatment and transportation
We combine two-stage hammermill processing with advanced slurry rheology design to optimize downhole injection of cuttings. Feasibility analyses and rigorous planning help us engineer cuttings reinjection systems that meet all operational and environmental requirements, so you can dispose of cuttings without expensive treatment options or long-distance transportation to disposal facilities.

Reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT) and demonstrate environmental leadership
Every BaraCRI℠ project, whether offshore or on land, incorporates real-time monitoring and support. With industry-leading grinding capacity, we can help you reduce NPT with real-time processing of drill cuttings. We also help you execute and verify the solution, so you can consistently meet zero discharge requirements and enhance your environmental leadership position.

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Summary BaraCRI™ Unit Solves Operator’s Challenge for Real-Time Cuttings Reinjection Feb 2014
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