Halliburton LIGHT Cement (HLC)

Economical slurry extender for selected applications

Halliburton LIGHT cement (HLC) is a versatile, economical filler cementing composition that provides a high-yield, low-cost alternative for permanently sealing zones where slurry design is not a critical factor. 

Without formulation changes, HLC can achieve slurry densities between 12.4 to 13.6 lb/gal in standard or premium cements. When used with standard-fine or premium-plus cements, HLC can provide densities between 12.4 to 12.8 lb/gal. At higher densities, the resulting slurries provide high strength. At lower densities, they provide high yields without excessive free-water separation.  When mixed with Gilsonite, HLC becomes an effective, low-cost material to control lost circulation.   

Features of Halliburton LIGHT Cement include:

  • Settings that can be accelerated with calcium chloride, low concentrations of salt, or seawater
  • Easily and economically retarded with Halliburton retarders.
  • Miscible with a wide range of mix waters without excessive free-water separation

Halliburton LIGHT Cement (HLC)

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Summary DeepWater Flo-Stop Cementing Saves Texaco at Least $250,000 May 2003
Summary Optimized Cementing Design Saved UPRC $113,715 in the First Year May 2003
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