Vac Tech® Downhole Eductor System

The CleanWell® Vac Tech® provides an efficient downhole eductor system for debris removal. The power eductor head works off of convergent and divergent flow and does not rely on inefficiently dragging fluid around the OD of the tail pipe. The "loop flow" is induced internally and can be custom designed to help ensure terminal lifting velocities are achieved.

The Vac Tech system is equipped with modular handling chambers for easy cleaning and safe rig management. The internal, sequential collection system allows mechanical retention ranging from large debris to formation sand. The tool can be deployed in the closed (isolated) position if conventional circulating is required prior to activation. The ball-drop activation system provides a positive indication when loop flow is initiated. Pre-planning flow loop models are included to help ensure proper nozzle selection and energy is delivered to optimize application success. Other mechanical tools are customarily incorporated into the design to ensure full application assurance.

Vac Tech® Downhole Eductor System

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Summary How a more efficient Halliburton cleanout approach helped operators save days of deepwater rig time May 2013
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