Spiral Wrap String Mill

The CleanWell® Spiral Wrap String Mill is designed to restore casing drift and downsize debris generated during cased hole milling or drilling applications. The mill design provides a 360° smooth overlap OD when descending or ascending in the wellbore. Both upper and lower lead-tapered edges are dressed with tungsten, and the rotational edge of the maximum OD is also dressed with tungsten for restriction engagement and removal. Water-coursing gaps between the spiral blades support exceptional debris management practices without sacrificing abundant radial total flow area.

The mill is offered in opposing pitch options (left and right hand). It can also be dressed with PDC inserts for heavy restoration applications.

The mill is used in a variety of applications ranging from common single-trip drillout displacements to de-burring, post perforation specialty runs. The mill can be run as a stand-alone device for cleanout runs or more commonly integrate with other mechanical wellbore cleanout tools during various phases of the well construction process.

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Related Information

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