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With today’s complex and ever-changing drilling systems, there is a growing demand for customizable drill bit solutions. We are positioned to quickly fill that need with an array of innovative bit features and technologies, available for various types of applications, that can be easily added to our latest bit design for your specific application.     

Our unique approach to drill bit design, using the proven DatCISM process, enables operators to optimize performance in all drilling environments. At Halliburton, we understand the need for continually developing new application-specific bit features that allow our local DatCI teams to deliver the industry’s fastest and most flexible solutions. The combination of reliable drill bit platforms with advanced feature and cutter technologies helps us to efficiently provide customized drill bits engineered for rapid solution development.

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Summary Cruzer Williston Basin December 2017 Dec 2017
Summary Williston Basin Operator Drills Through Unconventional Well Curve in 4.9 Hours Sep 2017
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Cruzer™ Depth-of-cut Rolling Element
The Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element is an enhancement feature available on Halliburton PDC fixed cutter drill bits.
Geometrix™ 4D Shaped Cutters
Geometrix™ 4D Shaped Cutters are designed to provide more efficient drilling by mitigating chip flow, friction, and thermal degradation issues.
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