Geologic and/or Reservoir Uncertainty


Improving the efficiency of drilling large steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) well pads in thin, hard-to-predict oil sands formations is critical. Improved methods of placing horizontal wellbores close to the reservoir base and reducing costly shale tags are needed. This allows heavy oil operators to contact more reservoir per well and also reduce drilling costs.


Halliburton’s geosteering, reservoir characterization and reservoir performance monitoring services give operators the ability to reliably differentiate in real time between a complex combination of non-reservoir sand and shale and then geosteer to position the wellbore as close as a meter or two above the base productive reservoir boundary. These services help to:

  • Maximize production rate, increase recovery factor, and extend asset longevity
  • Decrease development costs
  • Mitigate risk before and during drilling operations
  • Provide superior borehole images even in highly resistive formations
  • Provide geochemical data to model for reservoir flow and corrosive conditions.

Geologic and/or Reservoir Uncertainty

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Summary StrataSteer® 3D Geosteering Service May 2013
Summary Rotary Steerable Systems May 2013
Summary ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Service May 2013
Summary ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Sensor May 2013
Summary AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Sensor Jun 2007
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