Micro-Spherical Focused Log (MSFL™) and Microlog (ML) Tools

Direct near-wellbore Rxo measurement and qualitative permeability estimates

Micro-Spherical Focused Log (MSFL)

The Micro-Spherical Focused Log (MSFL™) tool provides a direct measurement of the resistivity in the near region of the borehole (Rxo). Working in all types of conductive mud systems, the MSFL tool string includes a caliper and a microlog (ML).

At 8 in., the high resolution of the MSFL tool can be used in the evaluation of thinly bedded sand-shale sequences. With only a 1-in. depth of investigation, the ML tool is sensitive to mudcake and offers a qualitative indication of formation permeability.

Power in combination
Run in combination with the High-Frequency Dielectric Tool (HFDT™) tool, a continuous value of the formation cementation exponent “m” may be calculated. This provides an accurate evaluation of water saturation.

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