ZCA™ Treatment Increases Oil Production by Approximately $51,000

Location: West Texas

Operator's Challenge

An open hole completion in a mature San Andres water flood well needed to be acidized to clean up scale that had accumulated in the wellbore and reduced production. A pressured-up water zone was present below the producing horizon. As a result, the wellbore needed treatment that covered the entire open hole without excessive rates that could extend a fracture into the bottom water zone.    

Halliburton's Solution

Halliburton recommended using a 15% Zonal Coverage Acid™ (ZCA) system pumped at low rates. The ZCA would be self-diverting and would force the acid to contact the entire open hole section.

Economic Value Created

To allow the acid to gel and divert in the Sand Andres' colder Dolomite formations, it had to be pumped at the low rate of 1-1.5 BPM. The project resulted in approximately 45% additional production versus traditional treatments.The total economic value created (EVC) is $50,587, based on increased oil production.

The operator was pleased with the results. He writes, “Using ZCA has dramatically increased our results on workover/cleanup jobs. We are achieving better coverage of the open hole than with conventional treatments.”