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Wine and Juice Clarification

VITIBEN® BENTONITE - An Excellent Choice as a Wine and Juice Clarification Agent

White WineVITIBEN® bentonite is a clarifying agent that produces the superior clarity and heat stability that fine wines and juices deserve.

Truly one of nature's gifts, wine is measured by its flavor, color, and stability. VITIBEN® bentonite will help your wine taste better, look better and last longer. Mined from the finest Wyoming sodium bentonite, this product is ideal for the wine and juice production industries.

VITIBEN® bentonite is designed to "fine" or remove undesirable compounds from wine and juice. These compounds include phenolics, proteins, and tannins, which are present in the fruit or result from natural enzyme reaction during processing and aging. Undesirable compounds cause haze, browning reactions, off-flavors, post-bottling settling, and poor shelf life. VITIBEN® bentonite adsorbs and coagulates these undesirable substances so they can be easily filtered out during fining or clarification. Since VITIBEN® is filtered out as well, it is unnecessary to list it as an ingredient on the product's label.

Product Benefits

  • Superior Dispersibility: Save time, money and energy with cold water dispersible VITIBEN® bentonite
  • Easier Handling: VITIBEN's lower viscosity when dispersed results in an easy-to-handle fluid
  • Higher Yields: Reduced lees means higher yields and lower processing costs
  • Higher Activity: VITIBEN bentonite has more montmorillonite (the active ingredient for fining) and more active surface area than other bentonite clarifying agents
  • Longer Equipment Life: Lower sand content reduces abrasion and extends the life of pumps and mixing equipment

VITIBEN® bentonite can be purchased through any Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC assigned reseller. Please contact Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC to find the nearest authorized reseller.

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