Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC. (BPM) is a leading producer of Wyoming sodium bentonite clay.  BPM has mining operations in the Western US and processing facilities in Lovell, WY (Big Horn Basin), Colony, WY (Black Hills), and headquarters in Houston, TX.  Strong partnerships with international toll processors, additive suppliers, and manufacturers allow us to provide Wyoming bentonite products around the globe.  

Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming
Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

Our goal is to collaborate and provide bentonite-based solutions that maximize value for our customers.  We specialize in analyzing, extracting, and producing bentonite clays that are carefully selected and designed to meet specific customer needs.  World-class analytical capabilities at the Houston, TX facility allows precise evaluation and design of bentonite products.  

Analytical Lab, Houston, TX
Analytical Lab, Houston, TX

BPM believes in leaving the environment as close to its original state as possible.   Mined land is returned to pre-mined standards to preserve wildlife biodiversity.  Environmental mitigation occurs throughout the process, from planning, to planting native flora, and monitoring results. 

Actual reclaimed land
Actual reclaimed land

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Story of BPM

Story of BPM

Corporate office

Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC
3000 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. East
Houston, TX 77032

Phone: (281) 871-7900

Colony plant

554 US Hwy 212
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

Phone: (307) 896-2596
Fax: (307) 896-4588

Lovell plant

789 Highway 14A East
Lovell, WY 82431

Phone: (307) 548-2271
Fax: (307) 548-6340


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