Create a better seed coating

Bentonite Performance Minerals offers a complete line of agricultural bentonites to improve handling, plantability, and overall quality of seeds.  The bentonite serves as a binder to create more uniformity in the seed shape, size, and weight and allows for a range of other active ingredients to be incorporated into the coating.  The result can be increased yields and more efficient overall farming.

AGRI-FLEX is an all-natural 200 mesh sodium bentonite that is SAFE FOOD SAFE FEED certified by the US FDA and is produced in our Lovell, WY plant.

SELECTCHEM is a line of all-natural bentonites that offer more targeted dry blending and wet blending properties and are offered in 200 mesh and micro-milled versions.

AGRI-FLEX and SELECTCHEM products allow customers to truly customize their pellet and encrusting process.



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