Exceptionally low permeability and a high swelling capacity

ENVIRO-SEAL product line is composed of natural sodium bentonite (clay).  When hydrated, ENVIRO-SEAL has an exceptionally low permeability and a high swelling capacity. Due to these unique properties, ENVIRO-SEAL is well-suited to a variety of environmental, waterproofing, and sealing applications and may be used as a component of waterproofing membranes.  

ENVIRO-SEAL is a 200 mesh powder that allows for addition as a dry ingredient or to be hydrated into a slurry where other dry or liquid ingredients can be added depending on the project demands.

ENVIRO-SEAL 30 is a natural granular sodium bentonite engineered as the most finely sized granular offering.  This finer sizing increases surface area resulting in exceptionally low permeability and increasing swelling capacity. ENVIRO-SEAL 30 offers the ease of use of a granule, but performance of a powder.  

Specialty Waterproofing



SELECTCHEM micro fine bentonites for the most technical waterproofing needs.


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