Coagulent for water treatment

ENVIRO-SEAL 12 and 30 are natural, granular sodium bentonite (clay) that have exceptionally low permeability and high swelling capacity.  They work well as a coagulant for wastewater treatment and has a high affinity for cationic contaminants.  It also can be used  to remove undesirable compounds from aqueous systems to enhance clarification.

ENVIRO-SEAL 12 particle sizes makes it easier to work with in-situ while still offering enough small particles to maximize surface area.  

ENVIRO-SEAL 30 is the most finely sized granular offering.  This finer sizing increases surface area resulting in exceptionally low permeability and increasing  swelling capacity. ENVIRO-SEAL 30 offers the ease of use of a granule, but performance of a powder.  


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