Bentonite Performance Minerals organoclay line represents the synergy of an amazing natural clay with premier chemistries.  Bentonite Performance Minerals is one of the premier suppliers of organoclays for the oil & gas drilling fluids industry.  

Organoclays are modified to impart suspension and viscosity into an emulsion where the bentonite becomes hydrophobic.  Organoclays are a core ingredient in paints, coatings, and other emulsifications across a range of industries.

Organoclays also provide a unique medium to adsorb organic compounds.  These products present one potential solution to PFOS/PFAS and other materials now considered global pollutants.  Quartenary amine chemistry can allow customers to target specific contaminants.

Bentonite Performance Minerals is a vertically integrated miner and producer of a range of organoclay products and works with customers and end users to engineer solutions.  


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