Organoclay private label

Bentonite Performance Minerals identifies unique sodium bentonite reserves that are then modified with various quartenary amines.  The result is an engineered clay that can serve as an emulsifier or a material that can adsorb a range of organics compounds.  
As an emulsier, organoclays can create oil-based fluids and impart rheologies including suspension and viscosity.  As an adsorption medium, organoclay can be tailored to remove specific contaminants and other dangerous organics.

Vertical Integration

With clays being naturally occurring and inherently having some variability in bentonite deposits, it is critical for customers to work with a private labeler that truly understands and manages the bentonite resource for long-term consistency and minimal specification changes.

World class analytical lab

Bentonite Performance Minerals is one of only a few sodium bentonite producers in the world that owns the mineral reserves and the organoclay production facilites.  Our world-class technical center in Houston, TX allows for collaboration with customers to develop organoclays that target specific contaminants or create an organoclay across ranges of desired rheologies.


Whether shipping by truck, rail, or ocean, Bentonite Pefromance Minerals has the expertise to get our products to your destination in a timely and cost effective manner.


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