Private Label

Bentonite Perforrmance Minerals spent many years making consumer products for US and international customers.  This expertise allows for the design of custom litters, lower total cost of ownership, and efficient management of the supply chain.

Lovell, WY Plant
Lovell, WY Plant

Strategic supplier of private labels and major brands

  • Two plant locations served by different rail roads
  • Over 1 M ton capacity combined
  • Large offering of granular sizes
  • Award winning reclamation program
  • Known globally as the preferred clumping litter
  • Sustainable supplier with long-term reserves

Global reach

Bentonite Performance Minerals has developed a network of facilities across the US to prepare, stage, and ship products globally.  Combined with low shipping rates from the US to Europe and Asia, Wyoming bentonite is a cost effective option for private labels across the globe.


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