Improve livestock and poultry health

ALPHASIL is a specialized, selectively mined aluminosilicate bentonite that increases the nutritional health of livestock, fowl, and other animal species when small amounts are added to animal feed formulations.

ALPHASIL has been university tested and proven to outperform competitive products.  Contact us to learn more and to receive a copy of the white paper research.

Safe Feed/Safe Food

To ensure the safety and quality of our feed addtivies, Bentonite Performance Minerals' Lovell, WY manufacturing facility has received the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification from the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA).

Generally Recognized as Safe

The FDA has classified aluminosilicate feed additives as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

Improve Flow Characteristics

ALPHASIL improves flowability and prevents lumping and caking of animal feed formulations.

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