NATIONAL® CAT 10  is the newest natural sodium bentonite (clay) offered by BPM for premium cat litters and other pet absorbent products.  Inorganic and with no food for bacteria, sodium bentonite is a clean and hygienic option for indoor pets. 

Cleaner look

National Cat 10 is sized slightly larger for the cleanest look a litter can have.  


National Cat 10 generates a deeper, rounded clump.  Customers looking for full encapsulation of liquids will prefer National Cat 10, but with deeper clumps you'll want to make sure your customers keep the pan full.

Dust, what dust?

National Cat 10 is on the larger end of BPM's pet absorbent offerings.  This means the surface area is limited and there are fewer, larger particles.  The result is a very clean looking, very low dust base to build your brand off of.  And, dust processing and handling of a coarser particle size is much easier, efficient, and cleaner.

NATIONAL CAT 10 Specifications

Moisture, %

12.0 Max

Specific Gravity


Bulk Density (uncompacted), lbs/ft3


Bulk Density (compacted), lbs/ft3


Dry Screen (plus 10 mesh), %

45 Max

Dry Screen (minus 70 mesh), %

1 Max

Dry Screen (minus 200 mesh), %

.5 Max


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