NATIONAL® is offered in a range of sizing including 8, 10, 12, 16, and 30.  Each granular size offers a unique range of attributes.  NATIONAL is a natural sodium bentonite (clay) used in premium cat litters and other pet absorbent products.  

How will you set your brand apart?

BPM has led the pet absorbents industry with a range of sizing options.  Each sizing option offers a new level of customization.  With the proliferation of brands, additives, and attributes, BPM is ready to set you apart from the rest.


If you want flatter clumps, but overall lower usage of clay, look to the finer sizes from 16 to 30 mesh.  If you like the cleaner look of the larger particles or a deeper clump, then 8 and 10 are your sizes.  Looking for something right in the middle? Then 12 is your pick.  Some customers even blend multiple sizes further customizing their brands and their users experience!

Dust or dust?

BPM has been known for being low dust for years.  But what does that mean?  Some people see the fine stuff in the pan.  Others see the "smoke" in the air.  Really, it is both.  So how do we manage it?  Well, it really comes down to the clays we select and the way we process.  It is the intersection of knowing what to use and how to get it to the customers with minimal degradation.  It's what we do!


Moisture, %

12.0 Max

Specific Gravity


Bulk Density (uncompacted), lbs/ft3


Bulk Density, (compacted), lbs/ft3


Screen sizing, US Mesh

Available upon request


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