NATIONAL PET is a natural sodium bentonite (clay) used in premium cat litters and other pet absorbent products.  

Sodium bentonite provides a clean and hygienic option for indoor pets. NATIONAL PET has been engineered to optimize clumping while significantly reducing airborne dust.  

Unique sizing

Particle size disribution is designed to carry liquid and dry odor control additives and even integrate with other minerals across a range of sizes and bulk densities.


The perfect balance is achieved with National Pet's clumping.  The clumps generated are not too flat and not too deep.  This allows for clumps that don't break when cleaning the pan, don't touch the bottom of the pan and get sticky, and yet still sit just below the surface reducing odors.

Dust Control

BPM's clays have been sought after for their low dust content.  National Pet is no different.  BPM's National Pet is unique in that it is low dust and appears "cleaner" due to the larger particles incorporated into this blend.

NATIONAL PET Specifications

Moisture, %

12.0 Max

Specific Gravity


Bulk Density (uncompacted), lbs/ft3


Bulk Density (compacted), lbs/ft3


Dry Screen (plus 10 mesh), %

7 Max

Dry Screen (minus 70 mesh), %

1 Max

Dry Screen (minus 200 mesh), %

.5 Max


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